Videos. Bordeaux: 150 to 200 bikers make a rodeo in the city, a man arrested


They have probably found themselves after a call on social networks. Friday, shortly before 22 hours, 150 to 200 bikers literally took possession of the arteries of Bordeaux located in the neighborhoods of Bacalan and Lake. Racing at high speed, slaloming between vehicles, grooming their machine, the bikers sowed a great mess and aroused the concern of some residents, who alerted the police.

He tries to force the passage

Several patrols went to the scene and tried to stop this rodeo by blocking access to the Chaban-Delmas bridge. That's where one of the bikers tried to force the dam and found himself stuck a little further in the municipality of Lormont, after having taken a roundabout in the opposite direction.

This young man of 22 years was placed in custody to the Crash and Crime Squad (Badr) at the central police station. His bike was confiscated. Investigations are underway to try to identify other rodeo participants. But this investigation work looks difficult because the bikers had mostly hidden their license plate.

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