VIDEO – US Open – Pair refuses to shake Bedene's hand: "The guy insulted me in his briefcase" – US Open 2019 – Tennis


US OPEN – Thursday, Aljaž Bedene eliminated Benoît Paire in the second round. On the match ball, the Frenchman refused to shake hands with his opponent to go directly to the locker room. According to him, this attitude is due to insults received from the Slovenian in the second set.

Video – Hués pour Pair after zapping the handshake with his opponent


But Pair explained it at a press conference. "The guy (Bedene, Ed.) Insulted me in his briefcase at the change of side at 6-5 in the second set. The referee made the remark, it does not happen, " did he declare. A few seconds after the incident while serving to lead two sets to nothing, the Avignonnais let slip his frustration and anger. "Why is he talking to him? He can not shut up his g *****!" he exclaimed in French.

Video – The departure of the mischief Paire-Bedene? Alleged insults to change of side


After the last point, Paire responded to his opponent's (alleged) insults with blatant disrespect by refusing to shake his hand. "The tour has been tough and long but I know how to forget this game. I will cut 15 days. You will not see me on a court, rather in a nightclubhe told reporters in his signature style, but the incident is still hot in his head as he posted a message on his Instagram account, implicitly demanding sanctions from the ITF (International Federation of tennis) against Bedene.

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