Video games are serious!


The new premises of the E-sport program at Cégep de Chicoutimi were inaugurated Wednesday. A new extracurricular activity for the year 2019-2020.

"It's really very good facilities, in my opinion, in Quebec, we are in the top," says new e-sports coach Stéphane Racine.

There are a dozen high-performance computers, giant screens, an interactive whiteboard and all the necessary computer equipment for students.

The teacher will give them game techniques, but there will also be stress management classes, diet and a lot of physical activity. In addition, each week, students will have inter-collegiate competitions.

"There is also a physiological and physical aspect to work. When you're in shape, you're more present in your game and you perform better, "said the coach.

It was finally a hundred students who were interested in participating in this new program. However, only about thirty of them were able to join the ranks to be part of the very first team of Cégep de Chicoutimi.

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