Video. African Games: Once again, Egypt at the top of the continent


The Egyptian team won the title of the African Games in Morocco organized from August 19 to 31 with the participation of 54 countries.

Egypt increased its medal count after the end of the day and two days before the end of the tournament, to reach 229 medals, 79 gold, 87 silver and 63 bronze.

This record is due to the big gap between the achievements of the Egyptians so far and those of the Nigerians, who are in second place in the medal table of the tournament with 103 medals (40 gold medals, 28 silver and 35 bronze). And it's not over; the Egyptian delegation is expected to increase the number of medals during the two remaining days of competitions.

Egypt broke the African Games medal record in this edition, and won the 2015 African Games in Congo Brazzaville, winning 217 medals, 85 gold, 63 silver and 69 bronze medals.

Morocco went from 3rd to 5th overall after the 11th round played on Thursday, with a total of 93 medals including 27 gold, 26 silver and 40 bronze in this competition mainland.

It should be noted that the Egyptian team participating in this edition of the 2019 African Games, is composed of 298 players participating in 24 disciplines.

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