VIDEO. 12 shots of noon: Romain is no longer single and presents Marine, his companion


Romain is no longer a heart to take! The candidate of 12 strokes of noon on TF1 came accompanied by his girlfriend this Friday, August 30 …

Romain was back this Friday, August 30 in the 12 strokes of noon on TF1, and the noon master came in very charming company. The candidate is indeed no longer single! It was on Marine's arm that he was on the set of the game that brought him so much. A support that did not fail to challenge Jean-Luc Reichmann.

"I came with Marine"exclaimed Roman.But you did not show it to us!"The presenter said, very curious.The presenter took advantage of the presence of the girlfriend of the participant to ask him a question that burns the lips of many viewers:"What does it feel like to be with a great noon master? In the street, they recognize you, they recognize it?"Marine's response, a bit embarrassed, made the audience laugh:"It did not happen with me …" It is said !

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