Vapotage: Juul under investigation in the United States


According to the Wall Street Journal, the Federal Consumer Protection Agency is investigating whether the start-up that dominates the US electronic cigarette market has used deceptive marketing methods targeting youth or employing influencers .

Juul Labs, the US-based start-up of the US vaping market, is under investigation by the Federal Consumer Protection Agency for certain marketing practices, Wall Street Journal reported on Aug. 29 . The newspaper, citing several anonymous sources, says FTC investigators are trying to determine whether Juul has used deceptive marketing methods, targeting youth or employing influencers. The agency must also decide whether it intends to impose a fine or not, says the newspaper. The company, in a statement sent to AFP, says it cooperates fully with any agency even if it does not specifically confirm the investigation mentioned by the Wall Street Journal.
Juul explains that he does not havenever promoted his products to young peopleAnd claims to have completely changed its marketing methods after a campaign in 2015 targeting adults aged 25 to 34could be perceived as attractive for minors". Promotional efforts are now focusing on smokers over the age of 35 to get them to vaping.

Tracing program

Juul electronic cigarettes very stylish and clean with "juice"Nicotine with very popular perfumes, meet a huge success in the United States. The company is often accused of encouraging young people to vapot, which it defends vigorously. She has also highlighted a series of measures to combat access to her products for young people under the legal age.
Juul has rolled out its electronic cigarette tracing program on 29th August at the national level in an attempt to trace back the clandestine sales channels. The company plans to make 100% of its e-cigarettes traceable within 90 days. The company also recalls that it hastotally disengaged from social networks and that it also requires the erasure of any inappropriate reference by third parties".
She had already taken out all her liquids with perfumes prized by young people, making them accessible only on the Internet by showing white paws. It also promotes the adoption of the generalization of the law prohibiting children under 21 from having access to tobacco and vaping products.

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