Valerie Harper is dead: the famous "Rhoda" has long resisted cancer …


The actress Valerie Harper, icon for a generation of Americans followers of the cult sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show which earned him three Emmy Awards (and a Golden Globe and another Emmy for the sitcom she was the heroine, Rhoda), died August 30, 2019 in Los Angeles, eight days after his 80th birthday.

Ten years after the first diagnosis of lung cancer, the actress, whose face is not completely unknown on this side of the Atlantic for appearing in a number of successful series (The cruise has fun, Melrose Place, Sex and the City or more recently Desperate Housewives – Claire, Susan's aunt – and Drop Dead Diva), was swept away by the disease. However, she managed to thwart the forecasts of the medical profession, which in 2013, after finding that the disease had spread to the brain and had leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, gave him only three months to live. Valerie Harper's treatments and drive helped her resist; Better still, she was even in a position, in 2016, to play in a short film by author and director Susie Singer discussing her experience of Alzheimer's disease that was affecting her mother. In 2017, when she had a draft series under development, she bravely stated that she wanted to continue fighting: "People say, "She's on her way to death, it's coming soon." It's been five years since it was supposed to be three months … I will continue the fight. I will find a way."

All the best will in the world will unfortunately not have been enough. This summer, Valerie Harper, who was in terrible pain and under constant care, was taking a battery of drugs. On July 8, his entourage had launched an online kitty to help finance his care, extremely expensive.

Cristina Harper Cacciotti, the daughter she had with her second husband, Tony Cacciotti, who had been her personal coach and had married in 1987, was asked by her father to post her message on Twitter. farewell : "My beautiful and loving woman for almost forty years passed away at 10:06, after years of fighting cancer. We will not forget it, ever. Rest in peace, mia Valeria. – Anthony."

A good friend named Rhoda

Born in New York State, the daughter of a nurse and a salesman who took her family with him to all parts of the country, Valerie Harper had taken dance classes as a child. At 16, she joined the Ballet Corps of the Radio City Music Hall, before taking drama classes and debuting on Broadway. The TV soon caught her eye and, in 1970, she passed the audition for the Mary Tyler Moore Show, taking down the role of her life: that of Rhoda Morgenstern, the best friend and neighbor of the heroine of the sitcom. "She pulled out a reply in a hoarse voice and we knew immediately that we were holding what we were looking forJames L. Brooks, one of the creators and producers of the series, says nearly twenty years before launching The Simpsons. The success of his character gave him from 1974 to 1978 a spin-off, Rhoda (also developed by Brooks), awarded his first Emmy Award in a leading role (and a Golden Globe). In 1986, she was the protagonist of another sitcom centered on her, Valerie, with the cast a young Jason Bateman but whose fate was ephemeral.

Valerie Harper, who participated in 2013 in Dancing with the Stars, would have liked to live up to 102 years, as she had entrusted to the magazine People in 2014, but she accepted her fate and said she was ready to leave: "I do not foresee anything, in truth we should not expect anything. We do not know what is waiting for us around the corner. We just take each day one after the other and get the best, doing what we can to have fun."

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