Valencia: Duncan, 10, autistic, private back to school


Schoolbag with the image of the famous saga of Star Wars on the back, the young Duncan is not proud to take the pose. And yet, there is very little chance that the 10-year-old boy will use his new backpack. "We have no place in a medical-educational institute. Despite the validation of the Departmental House of Autonomy (MDA) and the notification of our rights … ", blows Jeremy Trechel, the dad.

Since their son then aged 3 years was diagnosed with autism, the toll family now living in Montélier leads a real obstacle course. A little over two months ago, the boy was still at the Romans day hospital. "It was not possible anymore. Given his age, he was one of the greats. He should have gone on to join the adult section, "says the auto-entrepreneur in computer science.

Knocking on the doors of the different IMEs of the association of parents and relatives of disabled people (Adapei), the answer was the same: "There is no room," says Angélique, the mother. The president of the drômoise plussoie association: "This year, there are 257 children who will not go back to school," exclaims Jean-Luc Chorier. "We do not have the necessary funding. This is exactly the same problem with placement of the adult disabled. With families, we decided to sound the alarm! "

School bags in front of the monumental fountain of Valencia

On Saturday 31 August, for the first time and according to the example of Handicap International and its shoe pyramid for landmine victims, Adapei launches his own with school bags. "We invite everyone to drop off this symbolic accessory of the school at the monumental fountain of Valencia, from 10 am to noon," says the president.

Beyond this action that aims to strike the spirits, a manifesto will also call to challenge the rulers. "We will send all the signatures we will have collected to elected officials of all levels. Because it is not normal that Duncan and the others do not have access to a structure which is adapted to them and allows them to learn and to progress ", concludes Jean-Luc Chorier.

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