USA: Hurricane Dorian strengthened in Category 4, Bahamas getting ready


Hurricane Dorian is expected in Florida Monday with winds to 215 km / h.

Thehurricane Dorian further strengthened on Friday night, becoming a Category 4 hurricane of the Saffir-Simpson five with wind speeds of nearly 215 km / h, National Hurricane Center (NHC) announced American. The Bahamas are preparing for his arrival.

The hurricane is located about 645 km east of the archipelago and some 925 km east of the city of West Palm Beach, Floridea said NHC in its latest bulletin at 00:30 GMT.

The Bahamas were preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Dorian, whose authorities feared he would be deadly and who was reinforced on Friday in category 4 on a scale of 5, with winds reaching 215 km / h, continuing its progression over the Atlantic to Florida.

"In great danger"

"Those who do not want to evacuate put themselves in great danger," Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis warned on Friday. "I beg you: do not be foolish and do not try to brave the hurricane," he said, adding that the disaster "could put lives at risk."

Dorian must hit this great Caribbean tourist destination on Sunday. Regional Weather Services warned residents to prepare for "catastrophic damage".

"We were told it would be just a storm, but now we realize it may be a little bit worse," Lucy Worboys, who lives in Nassau, the capital of the archipelago, told AFP. The return of her children, she explains, was postponed from Monday to Wednesday, possibly Thursday.

"The tide is incredibly high now so people are afraid of rising sea levels, as the Bahamas are very flat," she added.

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