USA: First evacuation in Florida in the face of Hurricane Dorian's advance (videos)


The hurricane was ranked in category two on a scale of five, but it is expected to gain strength and reach the continent in category four.

Charnessing winds of 175 km / h, hurricane Dorian advanced Friday over the Atlantic towards the US state of Florida, where residents were preparing to evacuate coastal areas that should be struck in the night of Monday to Tuesday.

The climate phenomenon, threatening to become an "absolute monster" in the words of President Donald Trump, was ranked in category two on a scale of five. But it had to gain power and reach the continent in category four, with squalls exceeding 220 km / h.

The government warns

Trump on Thursday canceled his trip to Poland this weekend to make sure in person that "all means of the federal state are focused on the storm that happens."

"Get ready. Be ready to face an event that could last several days, "warned Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis on Friday.

"If you are in an evacuation zone and you are ordered to evacuate, please do so. Put your safety before the rest: it is better to evacuate and not finish the victim, rather than stay and put your life in danger, "added the governor.

Florida, consisting mainly of a peninsula in the southeastern United States, is on the front line every year during the hurricane season. With a very flat relief, the coastline is particularly threatened by rising water. The center of the land is also characterized by low altitudes. For the inhabitants, the main threat is therefore floods.

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