USA: a man discovers that his genital organ is turning into bone –


While an American in his 60s went to the emergency room for a knee injury, he discovered that his penis was turning into bone. He is actually suffering from the extremely rare form of a disease.

No trauma found

In early August, a 63-year-old man presented to the emergency room at Lincoln Hospital in New York (United States) because of a knee injury, after a bad fall on a sidewalk. The doctors did not notice any trauma, but they still gave him a pelvic X-ray.

An extremely rare form of Peyronie's disease

The doctors then discovered a significant deformation of the hip of their patient and a complete calcification of his penis. The man was suffering from a very rare form of Peyronie's disease, according to the journal Urology Case Report, cited by several media. Only 3% to 9% of men, mainly aged 55 to 65, also suffer from this disease.

The man left the hospital

This pathology causes calcium build-up in the soft tissues of the genitals, causing hardening and deformation of the penis. Despite this diagnosis and persistent pain, the man decided to leave the hospital. As he disappeared into the wild, the doctors were not able to do further examinations and organize a medical follow-up.

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