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In the middle of the night, he alerted his teachers that the kitchen was on fire. The whole family came out unscathed … except the dog.

He alerted the whole family

An incredible fact happened in the county of St. Louis, Florida (United States). The dog of a family lost his life saving his owners from a fire that ravaged their home, reports SputnikFrance, according to information from TCPalm.
Wednesday, August 28, the dog barkedIn the middle of the night, when the whole family was sleeping, the owner said.

His barking woke him up and he found that their kitchen was on fire. At this moment, "I went out the back door and the flames started coming out the window"He went on to say that he also woke his wife and children and together they went out of the house quickly and called for help.

The dog could not be saved

Upon arrival, the firefighters managed to extinguish fire after an hour. During their intervention, they were able to rescue the family's pet rabbit, but unfortunately, the dog could not be saved and has been burned alive. "It's a tragedy. He (the dog, ed) was so kind!", said his owner, adding that it was thanks to this animal that the whole family was lucky enough to survive this fire. In the face of this disaster, an investigation was opened to determine all the circumstances of this incident.

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