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Indicted for two rapes he contests, Tariq Ramadan is at the center of an investigation that revealed in France contradictions among his accusers but also collected new testimonies of former sexual partners who denounce the "influence" exercised by the Swiss Islamologist, 57 years old.

The first two complaints of October 2017 are at the heart of the investigation that caused the fall of this controversial figure of European Islam. Henda Ayari, a former Salafist, and a woman, nicknamed Christelle in the media, accuse the rapist of one in Paris in spring 2012, the other in Lyon in October 2009. For this, Tariq Ramadan is indicted (charged) since February 2018. He initially denied any sexual relationship with them before being contradicted by the investigation and pleaded "relations granted". After almost ten months of detention, he was released in mid-November with a ban on leaving the country.

In March 2018, a third complainant, Mounia Rabbouj, denounced nine rapes between 2013 and 2014. The preacher acknowledged extramarital relations with this former escort-girl and four other women. For these facts, he has not been indicted. In mid-July, a fourth woman denounced a rape allegedly committed on 23 May 2014 by the Islamologist and one of her friends at the Sofitel in Lyon, where she was to interview him. She also said that last January she was visited by two unknown people who warned her against any "ill-intentioned" idea about Mr. Ramadan.

The Paris prosecutor immediately asked the investigating judges to investigate these new charges. The defense of the Islamologist denounces, she, a "new runaway media without checks". Also accused of rape by a woman in Switzerland, it must be heard this fall in Paris by a Geneva prosecutor. Hundreds of 2009 text messages exhumed from Christelle's phone forced Mr. Ramadan to turn around. In anticipation of their first appointment, after months of virtual relationship, the Islamologist detailed his sexual fantasies violent and domineering.

The defense, to demonstrate a consented relationship, put forward ambivalent messages from Henda Ayari and Christelle, including an SMS where the latter wrote "I missed you as soon as I passed the door". In the face of the judges, Christelle argued that this message was prior to the meeting. But a new expertise of his phone, consulted by AFP, has confirmed that the message was sent the day after the appointment. "My client was wrong, she regrets it, but it's the fear and the hold that dictated these messages," says his lawyer Eric Morain, denouncing "the manipulation and the perversity" messages sent by the preacher for "compelling his victims", like the day after the events where Tariq Ramadan wrote: "I felt your embarrassment … sorry for my + violence +". "She was a witness to a crime, even on herself, and it was urgent that Tariq Ramadan be reassured that she would not go to complain," says Morain.

"When these women filed a complaint, they spoke of rape with violence, not at all of influence", denounces Me Emmanuel Marsigny. "This idea appeared when we discovered all these messages that show that these sexual relations were made". The criminal brigade auditioned this year several other women whose photos, often erotic in nature, were found on the computers of Mr. Ramadan. One of them testifies to "quite classic sexual relations", another tells a "love relationship" that she believed exclusive for 8 years, saying "disappointed" to have been deceived but taking her defense: " he is not a rapist ".

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