University of Ontario French: Ottawa calls provincial more than a "draft"


In a letter to the University of Ontario French (UOF), the Minister of La Francophonie Mélanie Joly denounced the lack of seriousness of the proposal made by the Ontario government for the financing of the institution.

According to the letter, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities of Ontario reportedly sent all of the documents required by Ottawa to Ms. Joly's office in order to release the funds to finance the start-up of the project.UOF.

In his email, the Ontario government qualifies the documentation debauchery. It also states that this information is subject to changeaccording to a federal source close to the issue with whom Radio-Canada spoke.

The Ontario Ministry states that it has not completed its own evaluation of the project and the rigorous analysis of the information that the team (Dyane Adam) submitted to it., can you read in Ms. Joly's letter to Dyane Adam, Chair of the Board of Governors of theUOF.

I simply can not get funding for a project that the Ontario government calls "rough", without the government formally confirming the height of its own investment.

Mélanie Joly, Minister of Tourism, Official Languages ​​and Francophonie

This new pressure from the federal government comes just days after the Ford government announced it wanted an agreement before the election call.

We are still far from a concrete and quantified proposal from the province replied Ottawa. Today, the proposal is there, but is not acceptable according to Ms. Joly's office.

More details to come

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