United States: When Joe Biden arranges the story to his sauce


In a meeting in New Hampshire, the former Vice President of the United States, a candidate for the White House in 2020, took a few liberties to tell, moved, a visit to Afghanistan. Leave to tell anything.
Memory problems or deliberate smoking? Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States under Barack Obama and favorite in the Democratic presidential primaries of 2020, was pinned in an article by Washington Post, published Thursday, August 29, for delivering a false story to his audience at a rally in New Hampshire. Wishing to salute the bravery of an American soldier encountered in Afghanistan, the Democrat did not hesitate to mix several stories. To make his more interesting?

"It's the truth, I swear to God"

"In three minutes, Biden was mistaken about the time, the place, the heroic act, the type of medal, the branch of the army and the rank of the decorated soldier, in addition to his own role in the ceremony. ". The statement drawn up by the American newspaper is without appeal. Either Joe Biden has serious memory problems, or he has tried to maximize the emotional impact of his speech on his 400 supporters gathered that night. To his entourage, who had warned him against this risky trip, Joe Biden would have answered, romantic: "We can lose a vice president. We can not lose other many young people.

According to him, he had to hand a medal to a naval commander, who had descended into a deep ravine under enemy fire to retrieve the body of a comrade. "Sir, I do not want this damn thing," the soldier would have answered him when he received the badge. "Do not hold on to it, sir. Please sir. Do not do that. He is dead. He is dead "Joe Biden told the story. "It's the truth, I swear to God"he would have assured. Yet, the Washington Post had no trouble discovering many inaccuracies in the story of the Democratic candidate.

"I do not understand what they're talking about"

Indeed, the military was not navy, and had been decorated by President Obama. During his trip to Afghanistan, Joe Biden was not even vice-president, but a simple senator. It was in 2011 that he had indeed given a medal to a soldier, decorated for trying to save one of his fellows from a vehicle on fire. Asked about these suspicions of lies in the local newspaper The Post and CourierJoe Biden swept away all charges. "I do not understand what they're talking about, but the bottom line is that what I said was absolutely correct"he assured. " It's ridiculous ".

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