United States. United Electrical becomes first US industrial union to support Green New Deal and global climate strike


Intervention by Varshini Prakash at United Electrical Congress

By Jake Johnson

Considering the Green New Deal (see the presentation of this program Bernier Sanders on this site dated August 23, 2019) as "our best hope to meet the challenge of climate change while creating millions of good union jobs," the union United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America (EU) – which organizes 35'000 members – became Thursday, August 29 the first national industrial union to approve this transformative and widely popular proposal.

With a resolution passed at the EU's national convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the 35,000 union members also approved the climate strikes that are due to take place next month.

"As the transformation of our manufacturing infrastructure and economy that took place during the Second World War – says the resolution – a fair and successful transition to a sustainable industrial and manufacturing base will require a massive injection of federal and state resources, a coordination between government, industry and workers and democratic participation of workers through widespread organizing. "

"Millions of workers could be employed to strengthen our infrastructure, rebuild our rail and transit systems, organize conversion to renewable energy sources, protect ourselves from the effects of rising temperatures, as well as initiatives in many other areas, "continues the document.

EU support for the Green New Deal follows the approval of this political program by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) in June 2019, which gave a boost to a proposal that environmentalists and climatologists have adopted as a necessary step to face the ecological crisis.

Varshini Prakash, co-founder and executive director of the movement Sunrise led by young people, said in an address at the EU convention that the struggles of workers are deeply linked to the fight for climate justice.

"The Green New Deal is an economic vision for the 21st century," said Varshini Prakash. "We need to distance ourselves from 40 years of corporate control of our government, with stagnant wages and growing inequality in wealth. We are moving towards an economic vision for this country which is a courageous and caring vision. "

Just days before the EU approves the Green New Deal, the union also voted in favor of the 2020 presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent, Senator from Vermont) who unveiled a Green New Plan last week. Deal to create 20 million high-paying jobs and move the United States to 100% renewable energy over a decade.

"When we are in the White House," said Sanders, "we will be launching the decade of the Green New Deal, a ten-year mobilization to avert a climate disaster, in which climate change, justice and equity will be taken into account in virtually all areas of general policy. "(Article published on the site Common Dreams as of August 30, 2019; translation writing Against)

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