United States. He kills three members of his family and escapes completely naked


An 18-year-old is charged with shooting three family members in a Virginia town on Tuesday, August 27, in the United States. He was stopped in the simplest device after four hours of chase.

The small town of Keeling, in the US state of Virginia, was the scene of a real manhunt on Tuesday, August 27th. More than 100 policemen have been mobilized to arrest Matthew Bernard, an 18-year-old man accused of shooting a 24-year-old woman, his one-year-old son and his mother in their home on Tuesday morning before fleeing, reports chain ABC13. According to the authorities, this would be the mother, sister and nephew of the alleged killer. The family dog ​​has also been shot.

He tries to strangle an employee of a religious community

The schoolchildren were confined in their establishments while the police searched for the alleged murderer. For several hours, Matthew Bernard managed to escape the police, before getting out of a wood, completely naked.

Under the watchful eye of the television cameras, he rushed to a church parking lot where he tried to strangle a religious employee with his bare hands.

Mental problems

Matthew Bernard fled again, before a police officer finally managed to spray him with tear gas and put him to the ground with his baton.

According to one of his relatives cited by the Daily News, the alleged killer suffers from mental problems and has reached a " point of no return ". Accused of triple murder and gun crime, he has been remanded in an anti-suicide cell and is scheduled for trial on Thursday, August 29th.

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United States. He kills three members of his family and escapes completely nakedOuest-France.fr

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