United States. After giving birth alone in prison, she sued the authorities


She gave birth to her baby, without assistance, in her prison cell in July 2018. However, the authorities had been warned. More than a year later, the young woman starts a lawsuit against the city and the county of Denver, images of video surveillance in support.

Diana Sanchez, now 27, was detained on July 14, 2018 in the Denver County Jail in the western United States, awaiting trial in a falsified check case.

She was then pregnant for more than eight months and presented a risk of premature delivery, all of which were known to prison health services and sheriff's agents, according to the complaint that AFP consulted a copy of. .

On July 31 at dawn, Diana Sanchez woke up with contractions and warned the guard who came to bring her breakfast, around 05.

On many occasions during the morning, the inmate will warn her guards about her abdominal contractions and pains, then the loss of her waters, to no avail.

A nurse will come to examine her after the loss of water, but she will just drag her a disposable absorbent mattress under the door of her cell, waiting for a vehicle called "Without urgency" does not arrive at the prison to transport her to the hospital, accuses the young woman.

Diana Sanchez will eventually give birth to a boy, alone and unaided, nearly six hours after the first alert, "On a hard and cold bunk next to the toilet" of his cell, according to the terms of the complaint.The mother and baby will only be taken to the hospital thirty minutes after birth.

For the young woman, the facts are even more intolerable that the throes of her delivery were fully filmed by a surveillance camera, extracts of which were broadcast by his lawyer to support his accusations.

The Sheriff's department had at the time conducted an internal investigation into this incident. She concluded that the sheriff's agents had "Take appropriate action in the circumstances, and follow the ad hoc procedures"according to a statement released last November.

However, the procedures have been modified to ensure that in future"An ambulance is called urgently when an inmate is giving birth".

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday, is for Denver City, Denver County, Colorado, the Denver Medical Center responsible for providing care at the prison, and six individuals, all charged with "Completely failed in their legal and moral obligations".

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United States. After giving birth alone in prison, she sued the authoritiesOuest-France.fr

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