TV Audiences: Emmanuel Macron weakens the 20h of Anne-Sophie Lapix, what results for France 2?


For two days, the whole world was watching Biarritz. The city of the Basque Country became a fortress by being chosen to host the G7, chaired by Emmanuel Macron. Invited to 20 hours of France 2 Monday, August 26, the head of state assured that the voice of France had been heard.

While he was the target of attacks from the Brazilian president Borsolano, Emmanuel Macron gave an assessment of the summit of Biarritz. He took advantage of his interview with Anne-Sophie Lapix to give more details on the government's reforms ofEdouard Philippe. On the thorny issue of pensions, the successor of Francois Hollande assured that no decision had yet been taken. "I prefer to find an agreement on the duration of the contribution rather than on the age", he said, while reaffirming his desire for a fairer reform of contributions. Regarding the yellow vests, he said he wanted a "Eradication of great violence" which tainted many demonstrations in Paris and in Province.

Macron and Lapix beaten by TF1

As for the hearings, the interview of Anne-Sophie Lapix and Emmanuel Macron did not serve as a vector for the 20 hours of France 2. For her return, the former host of C to you on France 5 saw its JT show an average of 4.49 million viewers. La Deux achieved a market share of 24% among the general public aged four and over between 20:04 and 20:43. While Julian Bugier had informed 4.5 million French (25.7% of the public) Monday, August 19, Anne-Sophie Lapix did not upset Gilles Bouleau. The journalist, who signed his return on TF1, ranked at the top of the hearings with an average of 4.92 million curious, or 26.8% of the public. A week earlier, his joker Julien Arnaud had gathered 4.59 million followers, or 26.4% of the total public.

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