Trump releases heavy artillery against the Fed


New series of virulent tweets of the American president

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( – Donald Trump was again on the Fed this Friday. "The Euro is falling like crazy against the Dollar, which gives them a big advantage in terms of exports and manufacturing … and the Fed is NOTHING! Our Dollar is now at the height of its It sounds good, does not it? Except for those (producers) who make products to sell them outside the US, "the US president explains on Twitter. "We do not have a problem with pricing (we have bad and / or irregular players), we have a problem with the Fed, they do not understand it!", Trump again teased that "the Fed is the problem! "

"If the Fed cut (note: its rates), we would have one of the largest increases in stock market for a long time.The poorly managed and weak companies are complaining adroitly of these small customs tariffs instead of assuming their bad management. ..and who could really blame them? Excuses! ", also tweeted today the US President.

The CME Group's FedWatch tool gives 96% probability of a quarter-point rate drop on September 18, after the next meeting. The range on the fed funds rate would therefore be reduced to between 1.75 and 2%. The probability of a monetary status quo is extremely low, at around 4%, while Trump maintains daily pressure on the Fed and its "lost" President Jerome Powell to further amplify the already outrageously flexible US Central Bank's the approach of the election deadline. Trump calls for a one-point drop in rates and a resumption of quantitative easing. March and the hundred dollars are probably optional.

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