Trump launches a command of space


The President of the United States, Donald Trump, shaking hands with General John Raymond, August 29, 2019 at the White House. – Ron Sachs – Pool via CNP / Newscom

Donald Trump wants to be ready in case of star wars: the US president on Thursday launched a military command of space, which will be responsible for ensuring the dominance of the United States, threatened by China and Russia, on this new war ground. "This is a historic moment, a historic day, which recognizes that space is at the center of national security and defense of America," said the president at a ceremony in Washington.

Train fighters for war in space

This command, dubbed "Spacecom", "will ensure that US domination in space is never questioned or threatened because we know that the best way to prevent conflict is to prepare for victory." ", he added. For Mr. Trump, it is about fighting the enemies of the United States who are attacking the "American satellites that are so important for operations on the battlegrounds and for our lifestyle." Spacecom becomes the 11th military command of the Pentagon, equivalent for example to Centcom, responsible for US military operations in the Middle East. The mission of Spacecom is multiple: deter, defend, offer an effective space combat capability or train war fighters in space, according to US military authorities.

In addition, after the Spacecom, Mr. Trump confirmed the next creation of a "Space Force" that will become a sixth branch of the US Army, alongside the Army, the US Navy, the US Air Force, the Marine Corps and the Coast Guard. The Force will be formed within the Air Force, which has been overseeing military operations in space since the 1950s.

Possible ground-to-air strikes against satellites

The US strategy on space is to ensure the supremacy of the country on this new battlefield, threatened by China and Russia, which have developed their technological capabilities. Threats range from jamming communications and GPS satellites to striking a surface-to-air missile against a satellite "as China did in 2007," said Air Force General John Raymond , who will lead the Spacecom. The command will work with Washington's traditional allies: the "Five Eyes" group, which brings together US, New Zealand, British, Canadian and Australian intelligence services, as well as with Germany, Japan and France, which has already announced the forthcoming creation of a command dedicated to space. However, Donald Trump will have to contend with the opposition of the Congress which must approve the financing of the future Force, estimated at 8 billion dollars by the White House.

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