Trump denies "tariffs are a problem" and accuses the Fed


(Washington) Donald Trump denied on Friday that tariffs imposed to force China to negotiate a trade deal were a problem for the economy, but accused the central bank of being responsible for slowing the world's largest economy.

France Media Agency

"We do not have a problem with tariffs (we are putting wrong players and unfair practices back on the right track), but the Fed is a problem. They have no idea what they are doing, "the US president tweeted.

Many professional federations have warned the president in recent days against the harmful effects of additional tariffs on products imported from China, which are due to enter into force on 1 September.

While Donald Trump often accuses the Central Bank of the "braking" of his economy, he broke new ground on Friday by accusing companies that complain about tariffs to be run by incompetent people.

"Badly run and weak companies blame – and it's good to see – these little tariffs rather than themselves for mismanagement … and who can really blame them for doing that? These are just excuses! He further tweeted.

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