Trump confirms Sunday imposition of new taxes on Chinese property


Trump confirms Sunday imposition of new taxes on Chinese property

US President Donald Trump confirmed Friday that the additional 15% tariffs on Chinese goods would come into effect on Sunday.

These additional duties of 15% cover part of the $ 300 billion worth of products imported from China that have been previously spared.

Asked about the possibility of postponing them to a later date, the US president replied: "They are validated".

They will come into effect at 00H01 local (04H01 GMT), according to the notification of the services of the Trade Representative (USTR) published in the Official Journal.

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The goods covered concern a very wide range of products including the food, textile, and furniture sectors.

Since March 2018, the President has been engaged in a ruthless tariff war to wring a trade agreement that ends up in what are considered "unfair" commercial practices such as the forced transfer of American technology and the massive subsidy of Chinese state-owned enterprises.

Beijing retaliated by also imposing additional customs duties on all imports from the United States.

Negotiations seem to be deadlocked. "We have conversations with China, meetings are scheduled, calls are being made," Trump said.

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