Treatment of menopause increases risk of breast cancer


An epidemiological study released Friday confirms that the risk of breast cancer is increased in women who are taking hormone treatment against the effects of menopause.

This is especially relevant for women who are undergoing hormonal treatment at the time of menopause, the study done by American researchers published in the British journal The Lancet innovates by quantifying the risk for each type of treatment. Fifty-eight epidemiological studies involving more than 100,000 women in total were combed to make this report.

According to their calculations, a woman of fifty who follows
for five years, a combination of estrogen and progesterone
continuous has a 8.3% probability of developing breast cancer in the twenty
years after the start of treatment. This risk is 6.3% for
women of the same age who have not undergone any treatment.

According to the researchers, the proportion would be 7.7% for
those who have been treated for the same duration with estrogen and progesterone
intermittently (not every day), and 6.8% for those treated with
estrogen alone.

The increase in risk with the duration of treatment:

"The use of a THM for 10 years leads to an excess of
breast cancer risk about twice as high as that associated with a
five-year treatment. But, it appears that the use of a THM during
less than a year carries little risk, "said Gillian Reeves, of
Oxford University, co-author of the study.

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