TPMP: Cyril Hanouna closes the tale of the 1001 darkas on an audience failure


At the end of July, C8 put to rest Do not touch My TV. After playing overtime with best of, the tal-show of Cyril Hanouna has been replaced by Strike. The game of Vincent Lagaf ', arrested late 2018 for lack of hearing, has issued its latest unpublished Monday, July 29.

Disappointed audience for C8

Then, Cyril Hanouna was recalled by C8 with The tale of 1001 darkas . The declination of Do not touch My TV was installed in access prime time on Monday, August 26th. The highlights of TPMP's first nine seasons were compiled at two daily episodes. The entertainment, orchestrated by Baba, has significantly disappointed in audience. The final issue, broadcast this Friday, August 30 at 20 hours, was satisfied with an average of 279,000 viewers, or 1.7% of the general public. Channel 8 was beaten by 28 minutes on Arte (3.5% of the public), An almost perfect dinner on W9 (2.4% of the public) and A season at the zoo on France 4 (2.3% of the public).

TPMP launches its season 10

After closing the page of his Tale of the 1001 darkas, Cyril Hanouna will kick off the tenth season of Do not touch My TV Monday, September 2nd. The show will be full of novelties. And first change of size, it will start now at 18:30. While It's just TV of Valérie Bénaïm will be amputated thirty minutes, the strong man of C8 will conquer the leadership of TNT audiences. He will resume his duel with Daily, whose season 3 will be launched by Yann Barthès at 7:20 pm on TMC.

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