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Toyota is recalling 191,000 vehicles in North America, including 55,399 in Canada due to a potential problem with airbags, which, ironically, have been installed to replace the famous defective pads of the Takata brand.

The manufacturer announced that the affected vehicles, Corolla (2003 and 2004) and Matrix (2005 to 2008) models, could see the front passenger air bag fail to deploy properly in an accident, which could have the effect of to increase the risk of injury.

It is unclear at this time whether injuries have been sustained in connection with this problem. Toyota did not want to comment on this. Its spokesman on the US side, Tania Saldana, told Automotive News magazine that the defective units were made by a replacement external supplier.

Dealers will replace the defective cushion free of charge and model owners will receive notice by priority mail by the end of October.

The challenge with this kind of reminder is to successfully communicate with all holders of these vehicles, because because of their age, their track may have been lost.

It is important to understand that the current problem has nothing to do with Takata cushions. The latter, let us remember, could explode and throw sharp objects into the cabin. In total, 24 people died around the world while some 300 injuries were recorded. In all, 19 automakers were forced to recall 100 million vehicles worldwide.

Here, we are talking about a cushion that may not deploy properly; the nuance is important.

Toyota Matrix 2005

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