Towards more expensive insurance for electric cars?


Insurers are asking questions about the behavior of these vehicles. Do they present new risks? Crash tests are conducted to find out more.

Will electric car owners pay more for insurance than those with thermal vehicles? If the answer to this question is not yet established, insurers are looking at these new cars and their accident potential. According to the Swiss branch of the French insurer AXA, "the first evaluations of the available statistics show that the frequency of claims of electric cars is globally comparable to that of other vehicles". However, luxury electric cars and electric SUVs would be responsible for 40% more accidents compared to thermal models. On the other hand, small electric models cause 10% fewer losses compared to thermal equivalents.

maximum available

The insurer
also crash tests this month to observe the behavior of
these new vehicles, destined to colonize the roads and take the place of
thermal vehicles. Because an electric car does not necessarily have the same behavior
than oil models. According to Bettina Zahnd, Research Manager
accidents and prevention at AXA, "the maximum acceleration is
directly available, whereas for combustion engines, even very
powerful, it takes a moment to reach it. Drivers are
faced with new demands "and may be surprised by this behavior,
which can cause accidents.

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AXA notes that the occupants of an electric car are no more exposed to risks, compared to a thermal. These first undergo the same safety tests and have airbags and seat belts, just like the latter. By cons, during a shock, the battery can catch fire, and everything can go very fast. Occupants must be able to leave the vehicle very quickly.

silence, a danger factor

risk, silence: pedestrians can be surprised by the
car that emits very little noise compared to a thermal car and
cause serious injury. If the buzzer is mandatory on
new vehicles, AXA recommends to install it also on the oldest

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For now, insurers offer cheaper offers for electric vehicles, because with their autonomy, they travel shorter distances and go slower than cars running on oil. However, "we will take action (regarding insurance, Ed) as soon as we are sure that the trends are significant or as soon as we see that the costs of accidents involving electric vehicles are significantly more expensive than others", says in the newspaper The echoes Bettina Zahnd.

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