To "We are not lying", Yann Moix "ask forgiveness"


TELEVISION – "This is not a court …" This Saturday, August 31 evening, "We are not lying", the program of Laurent Ruquier, makes his return to France 2. And for this first issue of the season is a regular on the set who is invited: Yann Moix. And his presence is absolutely innocuous at the moment.

For several days, the author and director of "Cinéman" is at the heart of serious controversy. He is accused of having made believe, in his latest book entitled "Orleans", that he suffered violence in his childhood, even though it is he who would have committed against his younger brother, Alexander. In addition, antisemitic and denialist drawings and writings committed in his youth were exhumed.

Clearly, Yann Moix is ​​under fire from critics, but this did not prevent Laurent Ruquier to maintain his invitation, which would have been proposed last June, well before the controversies. Gold "ONPC" is not broadcast live, but recorded. And several media were able to follow the shooting.

"Fear" and "disgust", "cowardly" and "junk"

As reported The ParisianSo it's a Yann Moix in operation mea culpa who appeared on the plateau of talk show de France 2. "The young man I was (when he made his caricatures and drawings, edI would spit on him today, "he said, for example, before forgiving Bernard Henri-Levy, one of the people targeted, but also to" all those I hurt. "

After claiming that he did not want to make his show "a court", contrary to what he says the print media since the beginning of the controversy, Laurent Ruquier also interviewed his former columnist on his associates. Indeed, the links between the author and several negationist and anti-Semitic personalities were revealed, about which the concerned person explained that the sulphurous nature of these individuals was then unknown to him, and that they had besides been invited many plateaux … including that of Laurent Ruquier for a certain Paul-Eric Blanrue.

In the course of his speech, relates again The ParisianYann Moix also said he was "scared" that his past resurfaced. He then evoked a "dislike" of himself, called himself "cowardly" and "junk," assured that he had then tried to "redeem himself" his entire life. "I did not have the shoulders wide enough to kill myself physically so I committed suicide morally," he continued.

Yann Moix triggers the counter-attack

As members of the public told Figarothese words seem to have produced their effect. Several people have reported having seen a man "sincere", "unrecognizable", "very good". "He was devastated, I had never seen him like that," continued a woman in the audience.

However, the platform offered by Laurent Ruquier to his "friend" obviously not only allowed Yann Moix to apologize, but also to counterattack. Always according The Parisianthe former columnist said the revelations against him were "remote-controlled by the far right", regretting that the rest of the press has walked and relayed them. "What's the point in taking out these comic books, other than knocking me out? Apart from unplugging someone who is fighting against anti-Semitism? My fight is the legitimacy of Israel, "he was able to defend himself.

As for his brother Alexandre, who accuses him today of having subjected him to horrific tortures, between drowning attempt and defenestration, Yann Moix affirmed on the set of ONPC that he had not named him in his novel "to avoid him blows". And to say that he has never "beaten" him. Not sure that this great media operation is enough to silence the criticism, nor to grant him the forgiveness of his relatives.

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