Three Blagnacese accused of sexual abuse in Spain are released


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The three young people from Blagnac, who have been imprisoned since the beginning of August in Spain, in a case of sexual abuse against a 20-year-old Norwegian woman, are released on bail.

Three weeks after the shock wave that shook part of the Spanish public in Benidorm, a popular seaside resort on the south of the peninsula, the bellows began to fall.

Accused of sexual abuse on a young Norwegian national of 20 years, three Blagnacese of 19 years, imprisoned and indicted since early August, are released by the Spanish judge in charge of the case.

It is this Friday, August 30 that the justice has indeed decided to release the three young people, locked in Villena, about sixty kilometers north of Alicante, in exchange for a deposit of 600 € each which should be paid in the next days. This trio remains under judicial control with the obligation to "point" every month at the Spanish consulate in Toulouse.

Investigations will continue

One of the three boys' lawyers is fully satisfied with this decision. "It's a huge relief for my client's parents," says Frédéric David. This case had provoked a runaway media when the facts were initially described as gang rape, "said the lawyer.

At the beginning of August in Benidorm, five young French tourists met two Norwegians on a Tinder adult dating site. A meeting on a background of alcohol. The following day, a complaint was lodged by one of the girls who felt that they had been raped while acknowledging that they had drunk alcohol during the evening. In this context, the issue of consent and the state of intoxication in which the complainant was located weakened the charge. "The requalification of the facts of gang rape in sexual abuse means that there is no intimidation to obtain the sexual act," says David. Initially, five people were arrested, and then they were quickly released.

The three implicated should reach Toulouse earlier this week. And prepare their next return to college. In Spain, investigations are continuing pending a possible referral of the main protagonists to court.

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