Those dogs who refuse to leave the place where their masters are dead …


For 18 months, a Greek dog has taken up residence at the very place where his master lost his life … Faithful for ever, another good reason not to abandon them voluntarily.

It is no longer to prove that a dog experiences attachment to his master ! It is no longer to prove that dogs feel emotions, can feel empathy, sadness, in short that dogs are sentient beings.

Shame on those who leave them tied to a tree! And there are stories that only confirm this boundless attachment to their master. If you still doubt the compassion that an animal could feelHere are two examples that should make you change your mind!

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In Argentina, as the newspaper La Depêche tells us, a superb dog of a shepherd has taken up residence at the grave of his late master. Impossible for anyone to want to dislodge, he always returns to the one he loves. He allows himself a daily walk in the cemetery and then goes back to bed on the grave!

Video: Argentina: A dog refuses to leave the grave of his master

Another example in Greece that we report the site 20 minutes, with this little dog who has taken up residence at the edge of a road, at the very place where his master Harris, lost his life in 2017 in a car accident. The inhabitants have tried to adopt this dog but he came back tirelessly to the same place …

resigned, so they built him a niche and every day brings him water and food. It has been almost two years since this dog left the place that took away his master.

You will agree, the dogs know how to be grateful and faithful to their masters even beyond the death of these. So even if the summer holidays will begin for some of you, do not give up your dog, it is a sensitive being not a nice gift that is offered at Christmas with a nice knot around the neck!

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