Thomas shocks by admitting that he does not want his son to be like Bilal Hassani


While waiting to welcome his first child next October, Nabilla love to share with his followers her pregnancy. From the discovery of the sex of her baby to the preparation of her room, through the choice of the name … The former reality star does not hide anything and confides to them his many fears of future mother. This Thursday, August 29, while she makes some confidences about Snapchat, the remark of Thomas Vergara do not go at all …

In her story, the young woman tells her companion the strange dream about her delivery. Visibly upset, she explains: "In fact, when he came out, I was with my mother. He had a girl's head, with a little girl's barrette, green girl's eyes. I said, 'But it's a girl?' And in fact, he had a very small zizi.

"She dreamed it was a girl but with a little zizi. Did you think it was Bilal Hassani, my son?" Thomas quipped. A note on the androgynous singer look that does not go for the 27-year-old mother. "Even if it's Bilal Hassani, I would like it anyway. I would like it even more, " the Nabilla crop. No no no", responds several times. A behavior that shocked users.

Resumed by the Twitter account Solife Gossip, the sequence has disappointed many fans of Thomas. "It's not the big class", "Fortunately Nabilla is here to catch up" or "What a pity…" can we read among the many comments. Without rancor for Bilal Hassani who responds to the couple with tenderness and irony: "Haha girl Nabilla, I love you. Thomas, it's not very nice ".

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