This young Frenchman crosses Canada on foot: 5000 km from Montreal to Vancouver


After defeating the Canadian winter, Dylan Auguste is almost halfway through. Left on January 14, this paramedic planned to connect Montreal to Vancouver … on foot. Portrait of this Bordeaux adventurer who is not afraid of the cold.

Kid, Dylan saw himself as an explorer. He roamed the woods of the Bordelais, notebook in hand, and mapped, with all the application of childhood, the smallest rut, the smallest grove, as if it were Jacques Cartier discovering the Canadian forest.

His need for new worlds sends him quickly to see elsewhere. The Pyrenees first, he travels on foot and snowshoes. Then the European trails, with treks longer and longer. Three years ago, he rubbed the Laugavegur, the "hot springs road" in the Icelandic hinterland. Such a pleasure that he prolongs his three-week walk, refueling as best he can, bivouacing at haphazard, drunk with large spaces. One evening, he and his tent Decathlon first prize are caught in the blizzard, between two glaciers. "When I woke up, everything was frozen inside," he recalls, "I thought I had to be careful in the future, that I could organize myself better."

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DAY 50: EN: A terrible cold today. I absolutely wanted to avoid sleeping outside, but I was kindly refused a bnb air, under the pretext that we had to book a minimum of two nights, and was thrown out of a motel under construction with a lovely "yeah t Crazy go on your way, get out of here. " Thank you McCauley's Motel in Havilland Bay! So I sleep in the tent, after making a fire, because brothel it's cold. And I traveled 994 kilometers in total. – EN: Such a cold day today. I wanted to avoid sleeping outside the door, but I was not interested in it because I wanted to go to bed 2 nights minimum, and I was nicely insulted by a woman working at the McCauley's Motel in Havilland Bay: "the motel is closed. You are crazy. Keep going get out. So I ended up sleeping in my tent, after I started a fire to warm up a little bit because it's freaking cold. And I walked 994 kilometers since the beginning. #hiking #winnipeg #outdoor #ottawa #montreal #vancouver #adventure #calgary #walking #backpacking # 5000kmbyfoot #trekking #canada #ontario

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His new expedition gives him ample opportunity. Starting January 14, Dylan is in the process of connecting Montreal to Vancouver (where he planned to settle), 5,000 kilometers on foot by -30, or even -40 ° C.

To prepare for the challenge, he contacted the ultratrailer Rickey Gates and the explorer Alban Michon, whose portraits he had read in GEO Adventure. "They gave me advice, and helped me prepare my equipment, and I, who tend to do my experiences in my area, felt like I belonged to the family of adventurers."

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1992 Birth in Bordeaux
2015 A month of trek in the highlands of Iceland
Fall 2018 Beginning of intensive training at walking.

DAY 54: EN: The last two days have been rather violent. 38 kilometers yesterday in sublime landscapes and well …

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To follow the journey of Dylan Auguste, visit his Facebook page 5000 km by foot and his Instagram account. He recounts his adventures of the Great North (a shoulder injury, the acquisition of a chariot compete, freezing temperatures …), talks about the association he sponsors (Vive L'espoir, which fights against pediatric cancers), publishes selfies with a mustache full of stalactites, evokes his kitty (launched by his mother and his girlfriend) and regularly declares his love to the network of brave Canadians who follow him and help him through social networks.

➤ Portrait appeared in the GEO Aventure magazine n ° 5 (January-March 2019).

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