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These are the weather forecasts for the day of Saturday, August 31, 2019, prepared by the National Meteorological Directorate:

– quite warm weather on the south, the south-east and the plains to the west of the Atlas.

– Clouds low at night and in the morning with haze or fog on the coasts.

– Unstable hearths with thunderstorms on the reliefs of the Atlas and their neighboring regions, the southeast and the Oriental.

– Rise of tropical clouds over the southern provinces with showers or thunderstorms in places.

– Little to slightly cloudy sky elsewhere.

– Chasse-sands possible in places on the southern provinces.

– Wind weak to moderate of East sector on the Tangierois and the Mediterranean, from North to East on the southern provinces and sector North to variable elsewhere.

– Minimum temperatures of the order of 15/20 ° C on the reliefs, the Mediterranean, the Oriental and the central coasts, 25/30 ° C on the Souss, the South-east and the interior of the southern provinces and of 20/25 ° C elsewhere.

– Maximum temperatures on the order of 19/24 ° C on the reliefs of the Atlas, 24/29 ° C on the Rif, the slopes South-east and near the coasts, 30/35 ° C on the Oriental, the plateaus of phosphates and Oulmes, the Atlantic plains and the south of the Saharan provinces and 35/40 ° C on the Saiss, the interior plains, Souss, the south-east and the north of the southern provinces.

– Sea beautiful to little agitated on the Mediterranean and the Detroit, little agitated between Tangier and Rabat and little agitated to restless elsewhere.

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