this is what the Midday Masters think of Paul!


All week, 24 of the greatest champions 12 strokes of noon confronted each other during the Summer match ! And this Saturday, August 31, 2019, it is the turn of Paul to start. The young man, suffering from Asperger syndrome, is still in play and currently on the second step of the Masters podium. He will challenge Frédérique, Damien and Roselyne. So, will the champion once again prove his excellence by qualifying for the Grand Final? Xavier, Lucia, Cyril, Timothy and Benedict, who have already won their place, say more about "Wiki-Paul".

De Xavier back in The 12 strokes of noon, the summer match after the Quesada affair: "This is an opportunity to prove that we are a big family"

Xavier: number 7 with 76 participations and € 335,856 in winnings

"I was able to see Paul during a recording in April. What is obvious is the positive evolution he experienced during the game. He is much more open to people than when he arrived. Regardless of his career, for him, it will remain a huge adventure. Something very positive. Humanly speaking, for him, it's an extraordinary step forward."

⋙ The 12 noon strokes, the summer match: why did Lucia agree to come back after seven years of absence?

Lucia: number 10 with 73 participations and € 380,670 winnings

"Paul is a charming boy. I was surprised because he was the one who called me. He knew my name when he was only 12 when I went into the game. He's a young man apart, but cute like anything. He has adapted well to everyone. We thought it was going to be more complicated for him, but in fact, not at all. He is always involved, he is a player, very nice. I think he is tired … But like everyone else, I too am tired. Except that he is young (she laughs) !"

⋙ Benoît of the 12 strokes of noon reveals why he has badly experienced the case Christian Quesada …

Benoît: number 5 with 82 participations and 397 946 € gains

"I came on the set of 12 strokes of noon in mid-May, to surprise Paul. This allowed me to discover the character a bit, to participate in recordings with him and to see how it works. She is a very endearing person. He sometimes had to show a lot of courage!"

⋙ The 12 strokes of midday, the match of the summer: Timothée the farmer is it always in couple? He tells us everything …

Timothée: number 4 with 83 participations and 353 348 € gains

"Paul took a lot of confidence. The key to success is the concept of rhythm, stamina and concentration so as not to wear out. Fatigue can make him lose, because that's how we lose: on an easy question! But I think we should not be afraid of him, we know his strength, but there must be ways to find his weaknesses!"

⋙ Cyrille (The 12 Midfights) on his participation in TPMP after the Quesada affair: "I did not ask for the agreement, we are not in charge"

Cyril: number 11 with 71 participations and € 356,186 winnings

"When I met Paul, I wondered how to approach him, but in fact, it was he who came and I quietly let myself go with who he is. We met the week because I could only see him on TV. He is a great kid, on the networks I communicate with fans who love him. There is a real place for diversity in this show. Overall, we are all as we are. In no other TV game, he could not have cast. Here, we tell beautiful stories. Like Paul's. It's great and it's good they are having fun."

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