This candidate of the 12 Blows of noon splashed violently by the affair!


On March 25, Christian Quesada was placed in police custody and then imprisoned and detained for "detention and dissemination of child pornography" and "attempted bribery of a minor". The latter is still behind bars. A case that shook Jean-Luc Reichmann and the whole team of 12 strokes of midday.

"We caught the news in the head, but like a comedian who comes on stage when he just lost a loved one, Jean-Luc Reichmann took the recordings, it was his way of holding. to weld the team, "explained Isabelle Benhadj, a voiceover of the flagship game TF1 in a long interview with the Parisian a few weeks ago. A very hard time for the facilitator but not only.

She also touched the candidates of the 12 Midday Shots including Benoît. If the latter, Friday, August 30, has qualified for the grand final of the Match of the summer whose bonus will be held Saturday, August 31, the teacher of history and geography has been splashed by this scandal … despite him!
He was noon master at the time of the bursting of the Quesada affair. "I was always on the air and I had to ignore the comments on social networks," he said during his meeting with our colleagues at Télé-Loisirs. He goes on to say: "Until then, I had a good image, but some people started to write: 'You like it but who tells you that in a few months we will not find something on it'" he said.

"Once the media bellows fall, this game is a beautiful thing." As a reminder, Benoit won 897 946 euros with 82 victories. He was eliminated last April but will try to shine in the circles of other masters. Moreover, they all agreed to participate in the program … voluntarily!

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