This baby cheetah and this little puppy are best friends for life, and it's so cute – Unusual


Who said dogs and cats did not get along? This baby cheetah and this little puppy do not seem to have heard of this adage.

They may come from different worlds, these two small animals prefer to focus on their similarities! When they met, Emmett the cheetah had only 10 weeks, and Cullen the beautiful, soft Labrador Retriever only 7 weeks.

It is in Ohio that this unusual friendship is born. Soon after Emmett was born, he was diagnosed with pneumonia. Caregivers owed the booze to help him eat and grow properly for several weeks in a row. Emmett had need a friend when he was transferred to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Cumberland Ohio.

Upon arriving, Emmett had a instant love for Cullen, a doggie who came specially to the zoo to help the cheetah through these difficult times. This is a technique used by some zoos since 1980s for calm those big cats when they need it.

If Emmett was originally very stressed and sick On arriving at the zoo, Cullen's presence changed everything in the little animal's life. Since they met very early, they consider themselves brothers even if they are not alike at all.

Cheetahs are unfortunately an endangered species, and that's why some zoos do what they can to help these beautiful cats grow and reproduce under specific conditions.

Today, Cullen and Emmett became adultsbut their friendship has not suffered, on the contrary! It has only strengthened over time, and the two animals are inseparable!

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