Third fine in as many matches for Medvedev at the US Open


Third fine in as many matches for Medvedev at the US Open – © Steven Ryan – AFP

The Russian Daniil Medvedev has been ordered to pay $ 9,000 (about 8,100 euros) in fines after his blood test during his third round match of the US Open against Spain's Feliciano Lopez, organizers said on Saturday.

The player received 5000 dollars for unsportsmanlike conduct and 4000 for an obscene gesture that had not been reproached to him during the match, but which had been seen on the giant screen of the court.

In the first set, as the collector handed him his napkin between two points, the Russian who did not want it ripped his hands to throw it in his face. The referee then gave him a warning and this time it's his racket that the Russian launched to his chair. The sequence ended with an obscene gesture that the public could see on the big screen …

"It was a difficult moment, I was losing my advantage … I paid the rest of the match", Medvedev pleaded an hour after the game.

In three games, he received three fines: $ 7,500 in the first round, 2,500 in the 2nd and 9,000 in the 3rd.

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