"There is no longer the same perception of danger as before"


Jacques Villeneuve – © All rights reserved

The tragic death of the Formula 2 driver Anthoine Hubert sparked a lot of emotions in the paddock at Spa-Francorchamps on Saturday. The sadness gradually leaves room for questions about the safety of pilots. The former world champion Jacques Villeneuve, son of the late Gilles, agreed to speak at the microphone of Gaëtan Vigneron.

"This death hurts. It's more shocking today than in the past when such accidents were commonplace. The effect is different in the paddock, especially since there are very few people who have known the dangerous era of motorsport", started Villeneuve who pointed two big problems that play on the safety of the drivers.

"There are two things I hate in the modern F1 world. First of all the simulators. Instead of testing, pilots do a simulator week. When they arrive on the circuit, they behave as in the simulator. There is more stress or adrenaline like at the time. There is no longer this perception of risk and danger.

The second problem is the asphalt areas. The pilots say that in any case there is asphalt and we can take more risks. Unlike gravel or sand, this does not allow the car to stop quickly after an incident. This creates a false sense of security."

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