Theo affair: the young man "will need a medical follow-up for life"


THEO CASE – Two years after the Theo case began, the investigation is still in progress to determine the characterization of the offense alleged against the four public servants implicated in Theo Luhaka's muscular arrest.

In February 2017, the young man had been arrested in Aulnay-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) and one of the police had him stuck his truncheon in the rectum, hurting him severely. On August 21, 2019, a gastroenterologist submitted a report to the investigating judge after examining the 25-year-old man. The latter, according to her, "will need a medical follow-up for life", reports The Parisian this Friday, August 30th.

The expert estimates that Théo Luhaka's permanent rate of mental and physical impairment is "20%" because of the intestinal consequences on the young man's life, which suffers from "active incontinence". She assured that he had "no previous history of anal trauma" and that "the sphincteric lesions are thus in certain and direct relation with (the interpellation)".

Physical and psychological sequelae

"One can obtain an improvement of the symptoms by the medical treatment (…) but this care is necessary for life, and the result can vary in the time", she underlined before warning against a possible aggravation symptoms. according to The Parisianshe is proposing to "re-evaluate Theo's wounds within two years".

These sequels will significantly compromise the future of Theo Luhaka since "he was a professional sportsman. He will not be able to practice this sport (football, note) in a professional way ", she explains before indicating that he will have to find a job" adapted to his situation ". Psychologically, the consequences of this arrest are present, notes the doctor to whom the young man said "no longer have social life, spending his days watching television at his parents 'without training project', subject to insomnia and not to see his friends anymore ", describes The Parisian.

At this stage of the investigation, Theo's thesis of intentional rape was not validated. The blow of the baton that wounded the young man hit "the edge of the anus", without penetrating it according to the investigation.

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