The tops and flops of France-Italy (47-19)


The Blues have clearly beaten a weak team transalpine (47-19) which will give them confidence. But faced with better structured teams, they will have to erase indiscipline, inaccuracies and arrive more quickly on the impact phases.

The tops

The legs of fire of Antoine Dupont

His attempt at the start of the second half, where he offered himself a giant slalom in the midst of four defenders Italian dumbfounded on the small side, proves that the half scrum still has legs of fire. This is the Jerome Gallion of modern times! Although he still lacks some head to direct the score of his team, he is able to put his team in the direction of walking at any time through his initiative. Also noteworthy is his excellent footwork that offers camp exits own the XV of France.

Penalty test of the XV of France

While the tricolores, unruly, had lost the thread of their game and were led 7-5, they put their heads in the spot on a counter of one hundred meters in the 24th minute. Fickou intercepted a pass near his line while the test path was open for Italy. The revival was lightning with a Huget at the top of his art. After a framing-overflow on the Ferrari pillar, the winger continued the action to the foot into the goal, where it was preceded by Bellini. But the latter had belted it before. After viewing the video, the referee gave a penalty just fine to the XV of France.

Yoann Huget won his place of titular

In the infirmary during the first two games of preparation, Yoann Huget showed that he always had to rely on him. The Toulousain has been in all good shots against Italy. His statistics show that he is in good form with 6 races, 57 meters won ball in hand, 2 crossovers and 4 defenders beaten. His defense has been more intransigent. He has probably earned his place as a starter on the attacking side to face Argentina.

The flops

The indiscipline of the XV of France

After a start punctuated by an attempt by Huget, the XV of France lost the thread of his game. Unable to control their aggression, the Tricolores conceded then the trifle of nine penalties and collected two yellow cards (Picamoles, Slimani) in l twenty-two minutes. Only punished by a Bellini essay, they ended up getting their spirits back and starting their march forward. This indiscipline (14 penalties in total) did not cost them in the end. But facing an opponent tougher than Italy, it will be crippling.

Still little certainty in the game

After three preparation matches, the XV de France has no more certainty than at the end of the last tournament. His game is still not in place and his starting fifteen still has so much trouble to emerge. Several positions, including tailgating, have not found an indisputable owner. And in three weeks, it is the Pumas who will be in front of the Tricolores. Not the Italians …

A popular fiasco at the Stade de France

But how could the FFR organize a match of the Tricolores at the Stade de France, which is more against Italy, its weakest opponent in the Tournament, a Friday night of August? From the indigence of the poster to the poverty of the game of the XV of France, through the fact that the provincials would not go up in the capital the weekend before the start of the school year, this match was doomed to a popular fiasco. And despite invitations sent to shoot-larigot by the Federation, 25,000 spectators hardly attended … It is the lowest attendance of a match of the Tricolores at the Stade de France. But do not we say that a team has the fans it deserves …

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