The shock of the Muganda brothers at college football


<q data-attributes = "{" lang ": {" value ":" fr "," label ":" French "}," value ": {" html ":" There are several guys from both teams who speak of the match as Muganda Bowl"," text ":" There are several guys from both teams talking about the match like Muganda Bowl "}}" lang = "en">There are several guys from both teams talking about the match like Muganda Bowllaughs Kalenga Muganda about the Spartan / Notre-Dame duel scheduled for Saturday at 7 pm in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures.

The Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy (CNDF) team plays its local games at Séminaire Saint-François, a field on which Kalenga has terrorized defensive opponents for four years, becoming one of the most dominant players in the game. history of Quebec high school football. It's a return to the fold. With family, friends and former teammates, there will be at least a hundred people I know well in the stands.

At Muganda, football is a family affair. The big brother, Gloire, helped Notre-Dame win the collegiate Bol d'Or in 2016. The same year, Kalenga led the Blizzard to the first of two provincial titles in the juveniles. Following his departure to the United States last fall, the youngest of the three brothers, Iraghi, led the Blizzard to the Bol d'Or final.

A new start in Old Montreal

Expelled from private high school in Virginia, where he had been exiled a year ago, Kalenga Muganda says he learned from course error academic who made him lose his scholarship.

He is now back in Quebec for a season, after which he plans to join the ranks of an American university, his initial plan. He could have continued the family tradition and joined forces with his younger brother Iraghi, a CNDF recruit, but he liked the idea of ​​a new start in Montreal.

It was hard to say no to the CNDF, but I found that CEGEP du Vieux-Montréal was the best place to take me to the next level. They really have the experience to send their players to the United Statesexplains the athlete of 1m80 and 80 kilos.

To be noticed, he spent part of the summer in evaluation camps south of the border with a few other Quebec star players, including his new teammate at the Spartans Malick Meiga, who will join the ranks of the powerful team at Penn State University next year.

Kalenga Muganda, for one, has so far a scholarship offer from Morgan State, a small university in Baltimore. I believe in my means and I think I will have more options at the end of the season. But for now, I take this step by step. The goal is to win the Bol d'Or and we approach each match in this perspective.he explains.

The Notre Dame takes the Spartans seriously

In this regard, the collegiate career of Kalenga Muganda has started well. The runner-up of three in the Spartans' 54-0 victory over the Champlain-Lennoxville Cougars last weekend, the running back seems to be picking up exactly where he left off in high school.

In this league, I think that nobody is able to flatten me when I have spacehe says.

CNDF Notre-Dame Head Coach Marc-André Dion is well positioned to know that Kalenga will be a threat on the field Saturday night. We worked hard to bring him home. I like it a lot on the field and outside. It was a big disappointment that he did not comeadmits Dion, whose troupe won its first game 51-41 against Lévis-Lauzon.

Never mind, he must now prepare his defense to face the dominant running back. Not a small task since the Spartans have star players in all positions in offensive, he recalls. They have a monster with three or four heads.

Collegiate baptism for Iraghi

Held aside due to an injury late last week, Iraghi Muganda will take his first steps in college against his older brother. But he will not have to wait to see the ground, announces Marc-André Dion.

It is a leading player that we will certainly use Saturday , he explains about young Muganda, who after playing as a running back, like his brothers, in high school, now evolves as a pass receiver. A position he has shown with Team Quebec this summer.

There is a big gap between high school and CEGEP, but Iraghi is able to contribute to our attack and our special teams immediatelyconcludes the head coach.

Games are made. May the best Muganda win.

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