the serial killer should apply for parole


Will Patrice Alègre come out of his cell? After five murders and rapes and one rape followed by an attempted murder, the 51-year-old serial killer was sentenced to life imprisonment on February 21, 2002. He was dismissed in four other cases. unsolved crime files, July 2008.

The safety period, which prevents any application for parole, was set at 22 years. It is due September 6, according to information from Figaro. Indeed, Patrice Alègre was arrested on September 5, 1997.

It was Mr. Patrice Alfort, his lawyer from 1997 to 2003, who was instructed to file the application in the court of enforcement of sentences. The killer fired him after his trial in 2002 for the benefit of Gilbert Collard. During this trial, which froze the blood of many French, several personalities had been accused wrongly.

The request is unlikely to succeed

"It is the right of Patrice Alègre to file a request for conditional, explains the lawyer and it is my role to assist," said Alfort Al Figaro. However, the request is unlikely to succeed psychiatric experts who had examined the author of the atrocious events had reported a high level of danger alerting potential recidivism.

Release an individual who massacred several young women animated by psychopathic impulses would certainly be perceived as unworthy by the families of the victims, and against the current trend, while opens Tuesday, September 3, a Grenelle against violence against women.

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