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Dries Mertens is now part of the Neapolitan landscape. It has been more than six years since he landed in the south of Italy from PSV Eindhoven. And the Red Devil feels like a fish in the water.

Whether under Maurizio Sarri or under Carlo Ancelotti, Dries Mertens has always convinced of its usefulness in Naples. But this season will be the truth for the striker as he enters his last year of contract.

At 32, this may be his last chance to join an even more affluent circle than Naples or negotiate a lucrative contract in Asia or America. His statistics plead for him: 19 goals and 12 assists in 47 games last season. However, his wife, Kat Kherkofs, recently made it clear to Radio 2 that an Asian adventure appealed to him moderately.


There remains a third possibility: to prolong his stay in Naples. Neapolitan fans do not ask for anything better. The president of the Napoli Club Brussels, Nino Castaldo, confirmed it to us: "I hope that he will end his career in Naples, we love him, he has found in Naples an excellent atmosphere and we have adopted a player who has become Neapolitan by heart. "

Our interlocutor is ready for any eventuality: "It all depends on our president, De Laurentiis, but whatever happens, Ciro Mertens will always remain for us." This shows the affection Neapolitan fans have for him because Ciro is a typical Neapolitan name.

Despite this, this solution does not seem privileged. Although he appreciates it, Aurelio De Laurentiis has not found a compromise with him. And the Neapolitan boss has engaged a new forward tip that can also move left in the person of Hirving Lozano.

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