the Russian army announces a ceasefire in Idleb from Saturday


The Russian army announced on Friday that a unilateral ceasefire, concerning only the Syrian army, will come into effect Saturday morning in the region of Idleb (north-west), that the power seeks to take back at the price of deadly fights.

An agreement was concluded for "a unilateral ceasefire by Syrian government forces from 06:00 am on August 31", said in a statement the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria.

"Russian center for reconciliation calls commanders of armed groups to renounce provocations and join the process of peaceful settlement in areas they control", this statement continues.

After several months of intense bombing by Russian and Syrian air forces, Bashar al-Assad's forces began a ground offensive on August 8 against that province, dominated by the jihadists of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS, ex-branch). Syrian al-Qaeda).

Thursday, government forces had conquered new areas of the area after having already taken the strategic city of Khan Cheikhoun, south of Idleb.

The whole of this sector is supposed to be protected by an agreement on a "demilitarized zone", unveiled in September 2018 by Turkey and Russia to separate government areas from territories in the hands of jihadists and insurgents, but this agreement has not prevented the regime's offensive.

Triggered in 2011 by the repression by power of pro-democracy protests, the war in Syria claimed more than 370,000 lives.

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