the Rouches will play four matches in two weeks in Sclessin


If it is not set yet, the match of the 16th round of the Belgian Cup between the Standard and Lommel will be played on Wednesday 25th or Thursday 26th of September, but by no means on Tuesday 24th.

Why ? Because the Liège team, which will begin its course of Europa League on Thursday, September 19, is guaranteed to face AS Eupen on Sunday 22, based on the recovery time to be respected between two matches (72 hours).

That being the case, Sclessin's field may be heavily weighted in the coming weeks as … four consecutive Standard matches will be contested in just two weeks. It's rare enough to be reported.

Explanations. As has been said, Standard will challenge Eupen on Sunday, 22 September, before taking on Lommel United on Wednesday 25 or Thursday 26 and offering a Walloon clash against Charleroi on the weekend of 28-29 September. . That's three consecutive games at home.

But it will necessarily add a fourth, the Europa League this time, either Thursday, September 19 (Day 1 of pools) or Thursday, October 3 (Day 2), with the understanding that the Standard will play one of its two first European meetings on the banks of the Meuse.

Of two things one: this Europa League match will come or start the series of four, or the opposite end …

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