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To take care of its intestinal flora, a glass of red wine from time to time would be beneficial. In any case, this is what researchers at King's College London think. They followed 916 British twin students and observed the effects of beer, cider, red wine, white wine and spirits on their gut microbiota. The latter, also called intestinal flora, constitutes all the microorganisms that are in the gastrointestinal system.

Scientists have asked binoculars. The goal ? Rule out the possibility of genetic differences. Since the volunteers are genetically identical, the differences related to the environment are brought to light. Here, it's about seeing the effects of alcoholic beverage consumption. The results, published in the journal Gastroenterology, reveal that intestinal microbiota was more varied among those who ate red wine than those drinking another type of alcohol.

A varied intestinal flora, a sign of good health?

Gold, "The intestinal microbiota of a person containing a higher number of different bacterial species is considered a marker of intestinal health", reads the article published on the information site of King's College London. "A disorder between good and bad germs in the intestine can, conversely, have adverse effects on health, such as the reduction of immune system, weight gain and high cholesterol ".

The authors of the study believe that the main reason for this association would be due the polyphenols contained in red wine. It is a substance naturally present in many fruits and vegetables, which acts as a "fuel" for the microbes present in the body.

The main author of the study, Dr. Caroline Le Roy, draws our attention to the fact thatit is not necessary to consume alcohol every day : "rarely drink red wine, for example once every two weeks seems to be enough to observe an effect on the microbiota"she explains. In general, consuming alcohol excessively damages your health.

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