the price of m2 exceeds 10,000 euros


To be owner in Paris is a dream more and more inaccessible. The symbolic bar of € 10,000 per sqm was reached in the capital, according to the notaries of Ile-de-France. The numbers are turning heads: + 7.3% in one year, + 66% in ten years. The increase is even more pronounced in the hypercentre, with a record for the Odéon district, where the square meter is trading at 15,740 euros on average. Paris attracts.

The rich foreigners want to have a foot on the ground, even if it is only a few days a year. Others buy and then rent to tourists. As a result, the face of the capital changes. Although there is still 20% of HLM in Paris, the social mix decreases and faces a phenomenon of gentrification of neighborhoods. The capital also loses inhabitants. Between 10,000 and 12,000 families leave each year, including families with children, who can no longer afford housing.

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