The owner of the Old Port Big Wheel released on bail


The owner of the Montreal Old Port Big Wheel, Jeff Jorgensen, charged Thursday with extortion and non-consensual publication of an intimate image was released on bail Friday morning at the Montreal courthouse.

Louis-Samuel Perron
Louis-Samuel Perron
The Press

The 46-year-old businessman pledged to deposit $ 5,000 in bail to secure his freedom during the court process. Among other conditions, it will be prohibited to use social media and own more than one cell. The case was postponed on November 18 at the request of his lawyer Me Joseph The Leggia.

Jeff Jorgensen is accused of having knowingly "published, distributed, transmitted, made accessible" an intimate image of another man without the consent of the latter. He is also accused of inducing the same victim to "provide a sum of money" through "threats, accusations or violence," according to a court document.

Both charges relate to a period of more than two months from June 12 to August 28, 2019 in Montreal.

The connection between Jeff Jorgensen and the victim is unknown.

The Big Wheel of the Old Port of Montreal was in the news last spring, while the Liquor Board, racing and games refused a liquor license to the company because of the involvement Steve Vogl, a personal friend of Jeff Jorgensen, in the management of Big Wheel operations.

In addition to having links with the Montreal mafia, Steve Vogl has already served seven and a half years in the United States for the importation of 2000 pounds of hashish in the 90s.

– With Simon-Olivier Lorange

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