The opening on Sunday: a blessing for hypers and supers


The opening of the Giant Rose Garden
in Angers on Sunday afternoon without cashier makes a stir

   . The government seized the subject. The hypermarket does not open in illegality. The law prohibits the employment of employees after 13 hours. The sale is allowed. The passage of the magazine in automatic mode allows it. Nielsen's data shows that customers are not lacking at the end of the weekend.

The panellist indicates that " 4.5% of retail sales are now done on Sundays ". Another figure contradicts the idea of ​​a shift in sales from one day to the next. Sunday feeds the growth of the signs. " It represents 41% of the growth of large retailers in 2019 Nielsen slice. The phenomenon is increasing: activity on Sunday has increased by 8.6% since the beginning of the year.

The subject is an epiphenomenon in Angers. Only 1.6% of consumer goods sales are made on Sundays. The rate is only 1.5% in Nantes where, as in the capital of Anjou, sociology and politics defend the rest of the 7th day. On the other hand, it is a real trend in many cities: 6.3% in the Parisian megacity, 6.9% in Nice and Toulon, 5.7% in Montpellier, 5.5% in Marseille, more than 5% in France. Avignon; Tours and Grenoble.

Franchisees open in the afternoon

In big cities, the curve has skyrocketed since the beginning of 2019: + 22% in Lille, + 19% in Lyon, + 29% in Strasbourg, which is not influenced by Germany where Sunday closure is the rule and the curtains drawn from Saturday afternoon a tradition still alive. In urban areas, convenience supermarkets already generate 10% of their turnover at the end of the week. Many franchise Franprix or Carrefour City open Sunday afternoons with employees despite the law. Unions weigh little in these small structures. Some municipalities of the Parisian crown are not watching. The game is worth the candle: for these outlets Sunday became the first or second day of activity (after Saturday).

The hypers are no less concerned note Nielsen. The Sunday opening represents only 2.7% of their sales on average, but this year, the weight of this day has grown by 30%. The consumption is sluggish, the very large surface is in decline. The slightest rebound is welcome. In total, 78% of super and hypers opened on Sunday this summer.

The Sunday customer does not necessarily do the shopping of the week. He helps himself or has fun. He buys ice cream, foie gras, chocolates, salmon, champagne and frozen seafood. He also gets something to open his sink! " Complementary of the widest hours observed during the week, the opening of sales outlets on Sunday meets the expectations of some consumers, less available on weekdays. We find a rather young and well-off clientele (senior executives) on Sundays; more than half of all purchases are made by households under 50 Say Nielsen's analysts. At the time of deconsumption, the return of pleasure shopping is a blessing.

" The opening of stores on Sunday is a growing expectation of consumers especially in cities. It is now an important element of the business of commerce. And it's imperative to fight on a level playing field with e-commerce. It's time to change the rules ", abstract
Jacques Creyssel

   . The Federation of Commerce and Distribution, of which he is the general delegate, campaigns for the liberalization of opening hours.

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