"The only solution is acquittal," says Normandeau's lawyer


Far from being satisfied withdrawing several charges against his clientNathalie Normandeau's lawyer asks the Crown to continue her analysis of the file and reiterates that the only possible conclusion is "acquittal".

"We urge the DPCP (Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions) to continue its reflection because this issue must end quickly. It's been more than three years sinceme Normandeau must answer accusations (then) that she has absolutely nothing to reproach herself for and I weigh my words … ", reacted Me Maxime Roy, Friday morning, at the Quebec City courthouse.

The announcement of the withdrawal of several charges against the former Deputy Prime Minister will certainly make a lot of noise in the media but will not "make a huge difference legally," he said, refusing to comment on a potential sentence if her client were to be sentenced.

"The task is not easier because it did not do anything. This is not a sigh of relief because for us the only possible solution is acquittal. It's a file that should never have had a beginning. It is hoped that the end will be known quickly, "he added, saying that he did not exclude the filing of a second motion for the termination of the Jordan-type proceedings, because of delays.

"Everything is on the table. We are waiting for the continuation of the investigation of the Bureau of Independent Investigations (EIB), we also evaluate the possibility concerning Jordan (and) we await the decision of the Supreme Court (on the journalistic sources). It's going to have a domino effect on everything else. It must be remembered that the EIB is investigating criminal acts in the investigation of my client, this is not trivial. We remain optimistic about the file, "he added.

Documents filed by the defense

Me Roy testified that the filing of various documents by the defense at the DPCP more than a year ago had an influence on the withdrawal of charges of fraud, conspiracy and bribery. These are "public documents" and government policies "that are easily found on Google," he said in a scrum.

"If the police had interviewed Ms. Normandeau, they would have had access (earlier) to these documents that fully justify her conduct. We were told that this weighed in the analysis of the decision taken this morning. "

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